Pansey Bradley  


Tidy Cleanup Services

    The growth of Tidy Cleanup is a result of our commitment to ensuring the highest quality cleaning and customer service. In the past we have brought key managerial and support personnel into the Tidy Cleanup Service, LLC family.

    We have the infrastructure to manage large cleaning contracts yet we are small enough to offer a high level of personal service to our clients. We are dedicated to using local suppliers and vendors. Key staff members are avid community leaders and volunteers and know how important it is to support and give back to the community.

    Pansey is the heart of Tidy Cleanup Services, LLC. Since starting Tidy Cleanup in 2004, she has been a “hands-on” CEO/President. She dedicates her time in all facets of developing the business. Because of her first-hand experience, tireless dedication and understanding the needs of her clients, TCS, LLC continues to experience growth.

    398 East Main St
    SUITE #119
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