The Council of Governments (COG), founded in 1969, builds relationships and rapport through communication and cooperation among governmental entities.

COG provides technical planning, mapping, and public policy services to Lee County and its municipalities. The Council has met typically once a month for the last 51 years in area restaurants, local industries, and community meeting rooms, breaking bread together, getting to know one another, discussing pertinent issues, and finding solutions.

This forum is essential when municipality and county officials must work together on large projects such as annexation, industry recruitment, incentive packages for recruits, interlocal agreements, resource sharing, regional

COG’s governing body includes the mayors from each of the nine municipalities of Baldwyn, Guntown, Nettleton, Plantersville, Saltillo, Shannon, Sherman, Tupelo, and Verona, as well as the Lee County Board of Supervisors. Others who attend the monthly meetings include area legislators, other county elected officials, aldermen, and city councilmen.  (Links to the related municipal websites are at the bottom of this page.)

The impact of the Council of Governments over the last four decades has been almost immeasurable.


The Council of Governments has a continuous track record of successes over the past four decades. Some notable accomplishments include:

  • 1970 Lee County land use plan
  • 1977 county-wide beautification program
  • 1977 county-wide mass transit system
  • 1978 rural fire protection program
  • 1987 regional water supply program
  • 1987 regional transportation plan
  • 1989 numerical road system and enhanced 911 program for Lee County
  • 1996 updating of comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances for the municipalities
  • The Pontotoc, Union, and Lee (PUL) Alliance of 2001, which resulted in Toyota locating in the area
  • 2009 Lee County Gateway Beautification Plan
  • The 2028 Development Plan for the City of Saltillo in 2010
  • 2011 Emergency 911 Funding Partnership
  • 2012 Sand Creek Regional Wastewater Project 
  • much more...


The Council of Governments is vital to the continued success and vibrant growth of Lee County and its municipalities by fostering and sustaining collaborations and relationships that would otherwise not take place, thus creating a positive and proactive atmosphere to address and solve current problems.”
Darrell Rankin, Former COG Chairman


The impact of the Council of Governments over the last four decades has been almost immeasurable.