Top Micropolitan 2023

Tupelo ranked seventh in the nation

Top Micropolitan 202303/01/2024

Tupelo ranked seventh in the nation

Tupelo, Miss. (March 1, 2024) - The Tupelo region has been named to Site Selection magazine’s list of most active micropolitan areas for corporate facility investments in 2023. Tupelo ranked seventh in the nation among the 538 micropolitan areas designated by the United States Office of Management and Budget. Since 2005, this is the 14th time the Tupelo region has been named to the list.  

“Twenty twenty-three brought on an impressive surge in business expansion and innovation, indicating vibrant economic growth for Lee County. It certainly is nice to be recognized by Site Selection for the investments by our local industries and the hard work of Lee County’s partner agencies who help spur this type of economic development,” said Lee County Board of Supervisors President Wesley Webb.

In 2023, the Tupelo region announced 12 new and expanding industry projects during the year, including Hush Aerospace, Hyperion Technology Group, Stanley, Black & Decker (formerly MTD Products), and Go Systems, among others. The projects created over $127 million in new capital investment and over 321 new jobs.   

"The Tupelo and Lee County community remains dedicated to fostering an optimal environment for business expansion. Representing numerous business leaders, it is truly gratifying to receive acknowledgment for the accomplishments of our community and economic development initiatives last year. Our ongoing commitment revolves around retaining, nurturing, and attracting skilled individuals to ensure the sustained prosperity of our community,” said CDF Chairman Chris Bagley of Cadence Bank.

Micropolitan statistical areas, as defined by the United States Office of Management and Budget, are labor markets of 10,000 to 50,000 people centered around an urban cluster that covers at least one county. For the full story from Site Selection magazine, visit