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Renasant Center for IDEAs

Changing course from being an employee to an entrepreneur is a very big step, but if done correctly business ownership can be a very rewarding life choice. To ensure a successful transition from being a hired worker to becoming your own boss, the Renasant Center for IDEAs, the Tupelo/Lee County Regional Business Incubator, is ready to help! 

As a small business owner, you will have to wear many hats to solve problems and to take advantage of opportunities to grow. That’s why we offer the following services: 

Help with the Fundamentals of Starting a Business

  • One-on-one business counseling
  • Business Plan reviews to help you stay on track
  • Choosing qualified employees
  • Networking with other business owners

Administrative Services

  • Mail and package handling 
    Access to common office equipment such as print, scanner, copier, and fax

Technical Services

Connections to legal assistance

Connections to business financing

If you need an office or other type of business space, we can help you locate here with terms that you will find very appealing. Instead of just leasing space to you, we would like to enter into a license agreement with you that will entitle you to use one of the business spaces in the incubator along with a bundle of services specifically designed to help you grow your business until you’re ready to move into a permanent space of your own. 

The Renasant Center for IDEAs provides many services to starting businesses to help them establish their business.

  • On-site business counselor providing assistance with business plans, marketing, financial, and other business advice
  • Information Technology (IT) available to: 1 - provide technical support and consulting for computer software applications, networking issues and hardware configurations; 2 - Assist in website development; and 3 – assist in e-commerce applications
  • Help initiate contacts for strategic partnerships and business alliances
  • Help you identify financing sources, including angel and venture investors
  • Set up panel meetings with accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to discuss financial, legal, or other issues
  • Help you develop your network of business contacts
  • Introduce you to board members who may be able to identify possible business opportunities
  • Assist in identifying and developing your competitive advantages
  • Help write and distribute press releases to local and state media outlets and coordinate publicity for your accomplishments and business events, such as ribbon cutting ceremonies with the CDF Chamber
  • Grow the capabilities of your business and your employees with educational seminars on a variety of topics
  • Publicize seminars and other events outside of The Renasant Center focusing on small business issues
  • Assist in the design of marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters, flyers, and ad copy
  • Provide dedicated internet access, email, domain name and website hosting services with a T1 connection
  • Advise you on working with photographs, logos, art, and other image media for use in your documents
  • Provide a business library with resources, including books, periodicals and reference materials
  • Offer flexible space so you can add additional offices or move to a larger area in the Renasant Center for IDEAs
  • Assist in remodeling/expansion decisions for your office
  • Provide literature and research data on a variety of services targeting small businesses
  • Perform word processing tasks
  • Keep resumes on file to aid in your search for qualified employees

Call us today at (662) 842-4521 to schedule a tour of the Renasant Center for IDEAs and learn more about how to use our exciting business development program to help you create a new future! 

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Judd Wilson

Judd Wilson

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