Community Development Foundation Announces Rebrand

New logo, new brand identity

Community Development Foundation Announces Rebrand09/29/2021

New logo, new brand identity

Tupelo, Miss. (September 29, 2021)—Community Development Foundation (CDF), the agency charged with providing chamber of commerce, economic development and planning and property management services for Tupelo/Lee County, Mississippi, is excited to announce the launching of a rebrand. The change comes after an almost two-year evaluation of how the CDF branding and materials could better reflect how CDF impacts the community.

CDF has spent a great deal of time evaluating its traditional economic development program of work which has evolved over the years to emphasize leadership development, innovation and entrepreneurship and quality of life. Recognizing these areas sparked the need for a change in branding and for the almost 75-year-old organization. The new branding entails a newly designed and updated logo that will be used on all materials and social media, etc.  The new logo is modern, fresh, and reflective of a spark symbolizing CDF being a catalyst for growth and change.  Last year, the CDF website underwent a redesign and launch as part of the rebranding process.  

“The current logo has been used for many years, representing the different divisions of CDF operating as a “window” into the future. After almost 20 years since a logo refresh, I am excited about the newly designed CDF logo, which is reflective of the forward-thinking and innovative ways of CDF,” said CDF President/CEO David Rumbarger. “The new logo and rebrand symbolizes the positive force for change we strive to accomplish daily at CDF. We hope this will propel us into the future as we continue to be a catalyst for growth in the Tupelo and Lee County communities.”

CDF hopes that the new logo will elevate its branding and relevancy throughout the Tupelo and Lee County communities, but also across the world as CDF competes for business in a global market, recruiting industry and people.

Visit to explore the new website and brand.