Corporate Wide Goals

  1. Increase net membership investment by 2%
  2. Increase net assets by 1.5%
  3. Create $18 million in new and expanding payroll from job creation
  4. Create $80 million in new capital investment

Chamber Division Goals

  1. Conduct new membership, retention, and event audits
  2. Evaluate CDF's 50 annual events to maximize member benefits, engagement, and future growth
  3. Conduct quarterly touch points with business members

Economic Development and Planning Division Goals

  1. Create $7 million in direct cost savings and/or sales growth for CDF's existing business members
  2. Redesign and relaunch the Tupelo Young Professionals' program
  3. Directly generate at least 12 company leads
  4. Through the existing industry visits, establish a wage and labor analysis
  5. Sell or lease an available CDF building
  6. Host a target community visit to develop creative economy strategy