Corporate Wide Goals

  1. Increase CDF net assets by 2%
  2. Increase membership investment by 1%
  3. Create $21 million in new payroll from job creation
  4. Create $90 million in new capital investment

Chamber Division Goals

  1. Increase leadership engagement at the 2020 Ignite Leadership Conference (675 attendees + Infuse the Ignite brand in other Chamber Programs)
  2. Maintain an 88% member retention rate
  3. Develop and implement a new CDFMS.ORG website
  4. Host or co-host 45 events

Economic Development and Planning Division Goals

  1. Create $6 million in direct cost savings and/or sales growth for our existing businesses
  2. Implement one of the Talent Attraction Study strategies
  3. Develop 15 marketing touch points with economic development partners/site consultants
  4. Conduct 6 corporate existing business visits
  5. Plan and construct utility infrastructure to the HIVE Business Park
  6. Develop a strategic plan to foster and develop the local creative economy (music, culinary, etc.)